PriceList 2015

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PriceList 2015

Post by Rasmus on Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:02 pm


1K= 1,000 - Thousands of coins

1M= 1,000.000 - Millions of coins

1B= 1,000,000,000 - Billions of coins


Bandos whip- 8b

Dragon whip- 5b

Torva full- 2b

Virtus full- 2b

Pernix full- 2b

Dragon claws- 1b

Armadyl godsword- 1b

Statius and vesta:

statius full- 500m

vesta full- 600m

morrigans and zuriel:

morrigans full- 300m

zuriel full- 100m

armadyl set- 300m

bandos set- 500m


spectral spirit shield- 1b

elysan spirit shield- 1b

divine spirit shield- 1,5b

arcane spirit shield- 1b

All partyhats are 500m

All hweens are 200m

santa hat is 150m


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